[VIDEO] Watch Nicole Cry A Lot (and Wonderfully)

Full disclosure: Nicole’s cathartic acceptance of her gift will probably make you cry in a life-affirmingly sappy way. Katelyn Benton made this video, not me.

Context: Nicole’s is my extremely loyal friend. Her birthday was this weekend. She wasn’t expecting to feel very good. Her history of really shitty birthdays is formidable, like perfect storms of anxiety built around

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2 Comments on “[VIDEO] Watch Nicole Cry A Lot (and Wonderfully)

  1. All of the love surrounding this process, that day, and the response to the video itself still leave me in complete, wonderful bliss.

    Nothing will ever come close to this day. I will remember it forever, and be forever grateful.

    Loving all of you so very much.

  2. I’d like to say that I did nothing “dutifully”. Nicole is an inspiring woman and an incredible friend to everyone who contributed. She had this kindness coming, I just happened to have been the forum this time.

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