Can ‘Falling Skies’ beat ‘The Walking Dead?’

I thought AMC’s The Walking Dead was unquestionably the best nonhumans-kicking-the-shit-out-of-humans new TV series out there. Then I saw a trailer for TNT’s new Spielberg holy-shitter, Falling Skies: If The Walking Dead violently fucked District 9 enough times, this is might be it’s rape baby. Thanks, Spielberg. Now I have to buy all this weed. […]

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Hack An Electronic Road Sign For Christmas

Let me guess: you wanted to shop on Black Friday, but you were too afraid of getting trampled by a bunch of mindless idiots? If so, here’s the perfect gift for you and your entire shitty town. This Christmas, do what the mid-west does: hilariously hack a road sign and make it say whatever you […]

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