Max Goldberg Kickstarter raises $2,300!

Max Goldberg Kickstarter success! I’m blown away. In just a few days — after all I did was ask — you all helped completely fund my fall comedy tour to the tune of $2,300, with 34 hours to spare! 53 backers contributed an average of $44 each. If you have friends who still want be […]

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MAX GOLDBERG Kickstarter Campaign hits $1,009! Only 3 Days Left!

(Max Goldberg Kickstarter time.) Greetings, Wow, guys! In a huge surge yesterday, my Kickstarter donations rocketed up to $1009! Enough of you became my sponsor to warrant a blog post. Unfortunately, I still need your help! Making America laugh on this national tour — less than two weeks away — costs $2,300. We’re only 44% […]

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September Tour + WATCH This New Kickstarter Video!

Greetings, Quickly! Look around you! The hazy summer moments of relaxation! They’re almost gone! I love this part of summer. We’re not quite back to school or quite emotionally invested in work. There’s too much fun right out that window — the perfect time for announcing my 2011 SEPTEMBER TOUR! I’m performing in Los Angeles, […]

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