How to Automate your WordPress Blog using Buffer and If This Then That in 3 Steps

A lot of people with blogs complain about how frustrating it can be managing the promotion of their content across all of¬†their social media platforms. These people usually either promote their blog posts by manually creating several individual messages on each social platform, or they’re a bit more efficient and use a platform like Hootsuite […]

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Why I Love Hootsuite, Hate Sendible, and Why “Social Media” Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Well, I was almost right. Three years ago I made the claim that, three years from then, the word “social media” wouldn’t meaningfully exist anymore, because¬†everything would be “social” so it would just be considered “media” again. That was in 2011. Well, it’s now 2014 and people still say “social media” even though the term […]

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Hootsuite vs. Sendible, or Why Paying To Use Facebook Is Amazing

***EDIT: This post is no longer up to date, and I no longer use Sendible because they have since grown to suck while Hootsuite has grown to rule. I’m keeping this post live for archival purposes only. Please read my UPDATED review of Hootsuite here.*** ‘Social media’ won’t exist in three years because by then […]

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