Arrested? You have the right to Google for a lawyer (if you’re Canadian).

Google Handcuffs

I just learned this on a random clickbinge while reading other tech articles: Suppose you were a Canadian citizen and you just got arrested in Canada for something, I don’t know, stealing a hockey puck without apologizing, something like that. We Americans already know that we have the right to a phone call, but did you know that you […]

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[VIDEOS] 8 Politicians & Newscasters Completely Owned On Tape

For a democracy based on personal freedoms, there sure has been a ton of sweet pwnage in this country. Here are the best from the last few years of news: Handshake Owns President Obama: Questioner Owns President Bush: Elizabeth Smart owned by Nancy Grace: Bill O’Reilly Owned By A Kid: Ellen Degeneres Owns John McCain: […]

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