September Tour + WATCH This New Kickstarter Video!


Quickly! Look around you! The hazy summer moments of relaxation! They’re almost gone!

I love this part of summer. We’re not quite back to school or quite emotionally invested in work. There’s too much fun right out that window — the perfect time for announcing my 2011 SEPTEMBER TOUR!

I’m performing in Los Angeles, CA; Pheonix, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Denver, CO; Boulder, CO; Boston, MA; NYC, NY; Hartford, CT; & Providence, RI. The shows are all booked! I’ll release the venues and dates shortly. First…

Watch my new Kickstarter video!

Kickstarter is how bands and filmmakers rally fan support for ambitious projects.

Guys, I need your help! Making America laugh on this national tour — less than two weeks away

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