Open Mic List: I Built an Android App for Comedians

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If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re a stand-up comedian who wants to get funnier at least in part by performing more frequently. That’s the intended audience of this post: comedians who want to be better at comedy.

Whether you agree with me or not, it’s my personal belief that you should only refer to yourself as a comedian when you’re on stage. Otherwise, you’re just talking about being a comedian. You can talk about the shows you’ve played, or wanted to play, or couldn’t play, but none of that makes you a comedian. I’m a comedian when I’m making people laugh (or at least trying). The second I’m talking about making people laugh instead, I’m just some asshole. The same is true of you.

I’m not going to bullshit you and claim that I’m some kind of expert at stand-up. I’ve been performing for a long time, but that doesn’t mean anything. I really can’t fucking believe it, but I’ve been a stand-up comedian for twelve years now. I started in Los Angeles when I was fifteen years old, a high school sophomore. I’m twenty seven now. What

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