UPDATE: Kitchen Hacks with Ice Cubes

It’s been an interesting experiment blogging more frequently on my website, because I’ve spent the last two-or-so years much more privately than the five-or-so years before that when I was focused more deeply on touring the country as a stand up comedy act. I almost forgot how awesome it can feel getting engagement from my audience.

For example, yesterday’s kitchen hack post, “5 Kitchen Hacks with Ice Cubes” got some attention from the women in my life. You ladies seemed to dig the post overall (*phew*), and had more kitchen hacks with ice cube trays to add to my list. Even my mom (who no doubt accounts for probably the largest individual source of repeat visits to my site) read it, and then had this to say:

Mom's Kitchen Hacks

Welcome to my life.

I got a few good comments on Facebook too. Looks like there are a lot of good freezer hack options out there:

Kitchen Hack

TEXT: “Just wait until you move beyond ice cubes… We make a huge batch of cauliflower sauce every so often and freeze it in double-serving portions. It reheats perfectly well and tastes obscenely good on pasta for a lazy dinner.”

And holy MOLY am I going to make me some pesto cubes:

Kitchen Hack

TEXT: “I couldn’t log in to comment on the actual blog post, but same as the olive oil…my basil plants produce way more than I can use at once so I make pesto by the pound and freeze it into ice cube trays. use only what you need, keep the rest in a container in the freezer!”


In the meantime, I’ve updated the other post. If you’ve got more to add, just lemme know.

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