I’ve got Louis CK tickets.

Louis CK

I just bought Louis CK tickets for me and the girlfriend at the Forum in Los Angeles. It’s gonna be good.

I’ve never met Louis CK properly, but he elbowed me in the back of the head once.

I was in the audience at an Upright Citizens Brigade (“UCB”) show also in Los Angeles a couple years ago, I think it was the recurring Tuesday night show lovingly titled “See You Next Tuesday,” (gotta love comedians…). Louis CK actually wasn’t listed on the bill, he just dropped in as a surprise guest. For all it’s storied comedy history, the UCB itself is actually pretty meager — a small equity stage and only a few dozen seats. That smallness creates an intimate way to consume the funny thoughts of funny people, I think it’s a much better show experience than a typical 400 seat comedy club.

That night, Aziz Ansari was on the bill so the place was pretty full. To accommodate, the management added seats on the stage itself, leaving even less room for the performers on stage, and an even more intimate-feeling relationship with them for the audience.

I was on one of those stage chairs. Immediately behind me was a thin black curtain. Immediately behind that curtain was Louis CK, talking to someone else. I realized it when I heard their voices talking hushed low a few inches behind me, and I realized they were peaking out at the show through the curtain over my shoulder. I’m not exactly sure why, but as Aziz Ansari was getting offstage, Louis CK reached out his arm quickly through the curtain to point at something, and his elbow hit the back of my head pretty hard.

He said, “Oh s**t, sorry,” and then to the other person, “I elbowed him in the f****n’ head,” and then left.

He was then immediately introduced by the show’s host and came out on stage. Everyone in the place of course went nuts. After 30 seconds or so of applause, the first thing he did was block the stage lights with his hand over his eyes so he could see out into the audience, where he found me sitting on the stage, and he apologized in front of everyone for elbowing me in the head.

It was great.

Anyway, fast forward back to now. On January 11th, Louis CK is playing at the Forum in Los Angeles. I’m going, and I doubt he’ll elbow me in the head a second time. But you never know. I’ll report back after, so stay tuned.

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