How I fucked up Last Comic Standing, and more.

Linnea Rodriguez interviews me.

Here’s an interview at It’s the first time I’ve talked publicly about my Last Comic Standing audition in 2010. It was pretty terrible.

“Twenty seconds in, Giraldo cut me off and called me ‘green’. It really messed me up when he died soon after, because I knew I’d never be able to show him he was wrong.”

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It’s a decent read. Examiner journalist Linnea Rodriguez was quite kind:

“His viral videos have a total of over 5 million views, his jokes have inspired and amused audiences around the United States, and his passion to join the ranks of Dennis Leary, Jay Leno, and Bill Burr on the Emerson roster is greater than ever. There is no doubt that Max Goldberg is a comedian to look out for in the near future.”


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