Fuck Banks.

(This was originally a facebook note)

When I complain about bank overdraft fees, I’m tired of hearing people respond that I shouldn’t blame the bank for my accidental overspending. That’s not the point. If I make three $1.50 purchases without realizing that I’m out of cash because of some large payment that happened to go through that day and because the bank took a week to process my deposits, it triggers three different $35 fees. $4.50 of ‘whoops’ SHOULD NOT garner $105 in penalties. The worst part is that the banks /know/ this, and will often times remove the fees when I ask them. This means they’re hoping I’m dumb and won’t notice my money is missing or try to get it back. It’s just banks seeing if they can get away with somewhere between usury and theft, and it’s a perfectly rational complaint.?

/end vent

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2 Comments on “Fuck Banks.

  1. I use Ally Bank. They have something called Overdraft Service (which you can opt into if you like), in which you link a savings account to your checking account. If you overdraft, it automatically yanks the needed cash from your savings account.

    They also reimburse for ATM fees and have interest on checking accounts. They basically rock.

    • Handy.

      I think everyone should just abandon banks and walk around with a few thousand dollars in cash strapped to their torsos at all times.


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