Dear The Gap: This Is Not What Curvy Girls Look Like, You Unbelievable Assholes

If she’s curvy, I’m a full-bosomed volley ball.

This picture was taken here.


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93 Comments on “Dear The Gap: This Is Not What Curvy Girls Look Like, You Unbelievable Assholes

  1. Honestly, I understand that the fashion industry is simply doing its business as society needs to make money one way or another. The definition is indeed, ambiguous and potentially offensive, so there needs to be a slight adaptation to it, as in, the naming of the pants, if this is what the brand is trying to present to the audience.
    The other issue I have to raise is the alteration of perceptions. I have a Dutch friend who used to be slightly overweight, and when he lost about 35 kilos, people began to approach him like they would do with a celebrity since he has the height and the facial features for it. Before, they would just alienate themselves from him, all because they thought he looked scary. Having been overweight myself for once in my life and managing to lose more than 10kg, I have had a similar experience. Perceptions alter. People treat you differently. Ex-boyfriends keep coming back to you to say they are ‘sorry’ just because they now find you incredibly stunning, thinking you’d look greater in bed. It is a shock to see the immediate alteration of perceptions. I think that if people start to care more about what is on the ‘inside,’ the ‘exterior’ will not ‘banish that light.’ The quality of a person does not only lie in physical appearance, although it would definitely be a plus at times, unless you want to simply ‘doll up’ that person and not see them as a real human being.
    Some people become bigots simply because they were treated as inferior to anyone else in the past. They try to make up for that by putting on masks of bigotry, trying to ruin other people’s sense of self-respect just because someone once ruined theirs. It is not in my wish to ruin another person’s self-respect because this is an action that I consider to be very dehumanising. The world is a diverse place: everybody looks different. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses whether physical or intangible. Also, opinions are subjective to tastes. Even the assholes know that, but usually, the so-called assholes have to act the way they do because deep inside, they know that they lack something crucial.
    My conclusion is, whether or not someone is an asshole, they should NEVER, in any way, ruin another person’s sense of self-respect. They should, in addition, accept their own shortcomings if they want to blatantly or rudely criticise other people despite claiming not to have any bad intentions. After all, even the most physically beautiful people might have something anyone can always pick on. It’s more important that the inside doesn’t take away that ‘light,’ or that the inner beauty stays regardless of physical change.
    Then again, these are the thoughts coming from a simple lady. 🙂

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  4. jesus people its a pair of pants… it will always be a waif model being shown in “curvy” pants it seriously doesnt matter nor does it pertain to real life and how full figured people live it! as a fat chick, I am not offended by this picture in any way. Then again I am ok with myself as I am and am a very confident person. From what I have heard, men, like women, are in love with the person not the persona so really there is no need to be self-consious about ourselves, is there? Women are awesome, no matter what size. There’s my two cents.

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  6. I think this blog post was actually a strong beginning to a potential series of write ups about this topic. A lot of bloggers pretend to understand what they’re writing about when it comes to this topic and most of the time, hardly anyone actually get it. You seem to know about it however, so I think you need to run with it. Thank you!

  7. Last time I was at GAP, I tried on those pants. I’m ‘curvy’ and that cut made my hips look like a yield sign. We ‘curvy’ women are looking for pants that flatter our shape, not accentuate it. Trust us. We know we’ve got more down there. We DON’T want to advertise it.

  8. People love getting offended. It allows them to bitch and moan without being the one that actually provoked the situation. It makes them feel superior.

    Edit: I am speaking in purely petty terms, like this. If say, somebody murdered a friend of mine then yeah, that’s a whole different kind of offense.

  9. I worked there for 2.5 years in undergrad. This is correct, they are cut to enhance/create a curvy look. As with the men’s slim fit. They are cut to make the legs look longer and thinner. But obviously they’re not going to work wonders at a 50″x28″ pant size.

  10. I think in this case “curvy” refers to the cut of the jeans. It’s as opposed to, say, “boot cut” or “straight leg”.

    It’s not so much for curvy people as it is a curvy profile created when worn based on how the jeans are constructed.

    I only know this because the Gap is having some sort of sale and my girlfriend made me spend FOREVER there yesterday, so I read a lot of advertisements.

  11. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Feliciayen.

  12. Why would you try to show off Curvy style pants on a stick? Nothing about that picture says Curvy except the word typed on it. At least use a model that can show these are actually curvy pants.

  13. Anon, I will make it clear that when someone says that they do “weight-training” as a central focus of athletics, I become skeptical. My sense of skepticism comes from what I can guess you experience on a day to day basis. Most “weight-training” athletes (meat-heads) live inside of gym. You surround yourself with other meat-head friends with meat-head perspectives about beauty. The women that spend all day at the gym have little to no substance to themselves, because they obsess the entire day about their weight. So already, I do understand your perspective of not understanding what real life is like.

    Anon, lets take a moment and create a theoretical woman who lives in a very real world. This women is named Anon. She is 27 and has a 7 year old. We will start Anon’s week on Monday. Anon wakes up at 6 am because she has to get and get dressed before her child. She quickly get dressed and gets her kid up at 6:30. She makes her kid breakfast and puts him on the bus by 7am. After sending her kid off, she gets in her car to commutes 45 minutes to work. She parks her car, walks to her cubical or office and sits down 8 minutes before 8am. Anon works until 5pm, when she has to run across down to pick up her kid at whatever after school program he is in. Anon picks up her kid at 5:30 and then drives to the gym for a 1 hour workout. For the first 5-15 minutes of that hour, she has to barter with her kid to convince him to hang out at the gym’s day care and stop throwing a fit. Anon finally gets out of the gym at 6:30 and drives home. Anon makes dinner and has it completed by 7:30-8. Anon has not been educated on how to cook in a healthy manner, and if she had been, she more likely than not doesnt have sufficient salary to get the best foods. So, now it is 9 pm and Anon is struggling to get her kid into bed. At 10 pm, her kid is asleep, and Anon is in bed by 11pm.

    Anon, I dont know how old you are, your socio-economic background, or anything about you. However, you are either a meat-head of any age, or you are a kid between 18 to 30ish. If you are the former, I have no respect for you. Pick up a real sport or activity that involves something other than lifting an object. Being a 2x All-American athlete, most of my good friends are either olympians, NFL, NBA, or MLS athletes. Just so you know, we think pure weight-lifters as being total jokes. We laugh at you as you look so intently at yourself in the mirror. However, if you are the kid, you probably have no responsibilities and no one is dependent upon you for you time. You probably do not have a girlfriend who doesn’t have some sort of eating disorder. If you do have a girlfriend who doesnt have one, I am sure your crazy perspective will drive her in that direction.

    I do not expect you to grasp why women are offended by “curvy” jeans being placed on an woman who is clearly the opposite. It is not beyond me to know that people in general need to pay more attention to their health. However, most people do not have several hours a day to dedicate to working on their bodies. As well, most people have not had the proper education on eating, to be able to eat correctly. So, when GAP puts up that add, they insult most women, even if they are working out. The chick in that add is not curvy in any since.

    Teddy, go back and look at the AD. If it is your argument that this add is intended to show that non-curvy women can look curvy, then I am not seeing it. What aspect of this add says curvy other than the actual printed words. If that was the purpose, then it is clearly bad marketing.

    • That was not exactly my argument. Taken by itself and out of context, the interpretation some are putting forward would be entirely correct. Also, if it were displayed next to similar ads with lines like “skinny” or “plus-sized”- then in these two situations it would be GAP clearly showing their skewed view of body types.

      But that is not the case here, and it’s not the context that the ad is presented in. Curvy is the name of the cut, and it is aptly named because the wider waistband and flared legs form a curve. It’s also in a big row of other jean cuts and not body sizes.

  14. I love the comments from guys who think they are in great shape and have no trouble controlling their weight.

    Chances are that more than half of you are dead wrong. And most of the rest are delusional about their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

  15. As a 5’7″ 135lb skinny-as-shit male who lacks physical strength, I find that ad incredibly misleading and misinformed. At its core, it’s just poor labeling on the part of the schmucks GAP hired or contracted to create it.

  16. These pants are designed to make a non-curvy woman look more curvy.

    To be upset that the woman in the advertisement is not curvy seems to a display of a fundamental misunderstanding of what is being presented to you.

    • “To be upset that the woman in the advertisement is not curvy seems to a display of a fundamental misunderstanding of what is being presented to you.”

      OR…. Bad visual communication.

      Visual communication is all about the audience, just like any other presentation. If you give a powerpoint presentation and lack clarity, or write an essay and lack clarity, and the audience interprets what you say incorrectly/with a lot of variability (as people are here) or has a hard time understanding your point, the onus is on the /presenter./

      • Then I think we can agree that GAP was too implicit, but not trying to offend anyone, or make anyone feel bad about themselves.

        • I agree with you there James, GAP didn’t sit down hoping to hurt someone.

          I don’t ever think it’s one person’s goal to create an ad and think “This is perfect, it will make women feel bad about themselves”,
          but this is the “normal” ad we see on a daily basis. This image is just one example of what is exposed to the minds of girls and women everywhere, every day, and everyday it’s often just passed by and ignored and we just go on trying not to let those messages affect us.

          Some days it does, and in some cases, this is severely damaging.

          Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness.

          So while a lot of folks here and on reddit are giving Max shit because he’s “easily offended” I’m saying -Thank God for men like you, Max.

          I’m praising Max because he saw this and probably thought of me, his girlfriend, and thought “Wow, someone I love sees this on a daily basis and thinks that this is how ‘curvy’ should look and it hurts her” And because he thought that, he posted this picture and this commentary to let women know that “hey, this idea of curvy pants on a curvy model isn’t curvy. In case you’re feeling insecure, allow me to tell you that this is bullshit”

          Thanks Max. If we had more people everyday posting things like this, we might be able to eventually be louder than the negative messages we hear and see every day.

        • @ Teddy: Yes, in fact Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. It doesn’t just have to do with death via starvation, but suicide. It is not “First World” thinking, it’s a fact.

  17. oh “the it’s genetic” argument

    what fun. I love this argument because it’s one of the funniest ways that overweight people use to try and not take responsibility for their problems.

    Genetics may influence your metabolism such that you have a faster or slower metabolism than others and thus your body requires more/less food to stay a certain weight. But they sure as hell don’t make you super overweight/obese. What does that is the way you eat. Specifically eating more calories than you burn. Eat less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Damn those pesky laws of physics getting in the way of our desire to shed responsibility

    The laws of physics/Thermodynamics play a greater roll (Pun intended) than genetics.

    How many 400 lb Ethiopians do you see.

    Trust me the humans in the US aren’t evolving or having genetic changes occur any more than ethiopians are that would be causing us to be having an obesity epidemic while they are unhealthily thin.

    Our Genetics have not drastically changes since the early 1900’s when the obesity rate was like 10-20%.

    What has changed though is our lifestyle.
    The obesity epidemic can be traced to these major things:

    1. Move to a service based economy and a resulting much more sedentary lifestyle(desk jobs basically).

    2. Processed foods full of chemicals and other junk food (Sugar is in almost everything that’s processed)

    3. Lack of activity in general (ties in with #1)

    4. Other life style factors under the control of the person such as a lack of discipline when it comes to food consumption and a fast food mentality of always wanting everything now and not picking healthy foods.

    There’s more but I’d say those are the main factors.

    Genetics though only make it easier or harder to achieve a certain weight for some people. They don’t stop you. Ultimately you control what goes in your mouth and thus you control your body weight.

    I used to be overweight would be easily obese today if I hadn’t done something about it and instead continued on the path I was heading down. I know that people can do it if they exercise and have discipline. I know all the lies people tell themselves to comfort themselves. This is why I have no patience for the fat apologists

    Luckily my senior year of highschool I decided to change my life, to take control of what I ate, to exercise regularly, to be disciplined and so on. Lost 50 lbs, got into weight training and have been a health nut going on 10 years now.

    People have the power to change they just refuse to do so.

    As to the issue of curvy, the word curvy has been hijacked by overweight people. Christina Hendricks is Curvy, but most girls I see who describe themselves as curvy are simply overweight and don’t want to admit it and curvy has a nicer ring to it.

    • Again.

      100 mile ultra-marathoner speaking here.

      My first and last name have been on every post I’ve made which links to my website. I swear to god, I’m not fat and I am affected.


      The photo only being obnoxious because the model and the pants aren’t “curvy”, you’ve outdone them by telling all women that deep down, we’re all not good enough.

      That’s okay – if that’s how you feel, we’ll stop giving you sex.

      • not talking about you specifically katleyn, I’m talking in generalities here, referring mainly to the overweight women who consider themselves curvy when they clearly aren’t. I didn’t say that deep down ALL women aren’t good enough, I said that deep down many women know they aren’t good enough (at least good enough to attract and keep the types of men they want to date and sleep with on a regular basis)

        Go to any online dating website, browse curvy girls and you will see what i mean. Go ahead it’s fun, and it’s a great way to meet supplemental people outside of bars.

        Also @ “we’ll stop giving you sex”

        1. 90% of the women I see I wouldn’t physically want sex from in the first place

        of the other 10% I would probably only want to hook up a few times with. very few women have the looks and intelligence that would keep me interested for anything more than a passing fling.

        Thankfully we live in a wonderful world where you don’t have to be married to get laid.

        also lol @ the thought of giving men sex

        Why would any man want to date a women who thinks of sex as something they give men.

        Sex is supposed to be a fun mutual thing that both parties enjoy. Both people give to the other.

        That comment makes you sound like one of those girls who tries to use sex as a weapon or to get her way or as a means of manipulating men.

        Have fun with the less intelligent men who will put up with that sort of crap.

        If you want to read a worthwhile blog and understand how alpha males think (and what they think about american girls in general) and not the betas many women date then head over to

        warning: Not for the faint of heart, many women don’t have the constitution to handle that much truth even in multiple sittings

        • Uh… kind of joking there anon… just saying if you’re going to be that picky about what women should look like and how they should feel and what shouldn’t offend them, just uh… you know, good luck getting laid is all.

          This argument was never about obese people pulling off the “curvy” title.

          The reason Melody and I got upset at what you said was probably triggered by this:

          “The reason many women don

          • dont waste your time on answering someone like that anymore- he’s no longer speaking to the issue

        • please stop filthying up this page with utter nonsense and sexist BS. Every sentence is pure crap, but if I write anymore, I’m afraid my head will explode because I just can’t handle all the truth I’m putting out into the world… I just don’t have the constitution… when you get back to the early 1900s where you obviously want to be( low obesity rate, the mindset that women are the lower sex and can’t handle anything…), tell them that I said hi.

  18. Dear anon,

    I was directed here via the Facebook newsfeeds of both Katelyn and Max as they are longtime mutual friends of mine. Being that I know them personally, I can tell you that your point about only being offended because of lacking discipline to be as thin and “fit” as that model is complete and utter bullshit and you’re a fucking imbecile for saying it. Katelyn is tiny and in better shape than 99% of the people I know. She’s a marathon runner and actually completed a 100 mile run through a fucking desert. I’d be willing to bet my weight in gold that you couldn’t do 1/20th of that. So, your point, anon, is totally moot. Try again you moron.

    Secondly, if you honestly think that girl’s body/shape is attainable ideal then you are severely misguided and I’m sorry you have become a victim of the media’s stereotypical idea of perfection.

    Before you go spouting off total numbnuts bullshit psychobabble in any authoritative manner, I suggest you hop on the horn and engage in a few in depth discussions with endocrinologists and other health professionals who specialize in metabolism and weight disorders.

    I sincerely hope I don’t know you in real life as I would never want to associate myself with an asshole like you. I pity your significant other and children (if you have them).

    FOAD 🙂

    • Way to get your point across (sarcasm), I think you’re coming off totally pedantic and you look like a jerk (and I AGREE with most of your sentiments). Swearing and accusations wont help you convince anyone, it’ll only make them more defensive.

      Everyone has their own idea of beauty. I’m pretty sure most men would prefer curves over bones. To imply that someone has fallen “victim of the media

      • Not sure that it’s baseless and unfair. There’s evidence supporting that women are hurt and seriously affected by a lot of these images. Many women are dissatisfied with their bodies, regardless of their weight and fitness level, because of stuff like this.

        The girl in the photo is absolutely beautiful (in my opinion). I think what’s causing the steams it the idea that a girl who is insecure about her curves (be her a size 2 or a size 20) in a society that idealizes anorexic body images in it’s media, it doesn’t make you feel much better to see that the jeans that were made for your curvy body are being displayed on a airbrushed model without said curves.

        Adding fuel to the fire was anon’s comment:

        “You know it only bothers you because you wish you could be like that but lack any of the discipline or self control to be thin and or fit”

        Melody’s response was emotional, but that statement was kind of asking for it…

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  20. BTW men are included in this as many of them are just as obese.

    Eat healthy, spend some time working out and ads like this won’t bother you. YOu know it only bothers you because you wish you could be like that but lack any of the discipline or self control to be thin and or fit

    • Not true. A friend of mine was a stick-thin varsity track runner and she still ended up with an eating disorder. She’d grab the “fat” (curve) on her belly and berate herself for having a bulge right in front of me. Seriously, this sort of ridiculous image affects even the thinnest people.

    • Just because people are reacting strongly to a poor choice by an advertising/ merchandising team does not mean that the person who made that comment is obese -thats absurd!! (and btw “thin” and “fit are not mutually exclusive terms)

  21. they can’t show a realistic women because 60% of the population is overweight or obese

    no one wants to look at fat/chubby girls.

    The reason many women don’t feel good enough these days is because deep down they know they aren’t. Everyone knows whether they are fit or thin/trim etc. and well most girls aren’t. Meeting a smart fit/thin girl is almost impossibly hard these days.

    If people had actual discipline this wouldn’t be an issue

    • I consider myself to be attractive, fit, athletic, smart, outgoing.

      I’m still effected by this.

      For the sake of any wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters, you may just want to keep in mind that women of all sizes are affected by this.

    • From :

      Among 2007 BRFSS respondents:

      * 25.6% were obese.
      * 26.4% of men and 24.8% of women were obese.

      Umm, you said 60% right you cussing jerk? WAAAAYYYY off….Oh and look, more men than women were obese too… I guess that means that finding a smart/fit guy is actually going to be harder for me than you…. I mean, no one wants to look at fat/chubby guys….right? Or is that scrutiny in your eyes only geared towards women? I can tell you as a society, you see men everywhere in society getting higher pay, being successful entertainers alongside younger, thinner women, so really, you are just going with the flow right? Letting the media thinkmachine do all your intelligent pondering for you, right mate?

      And by smart thin/fit women, you mean the media’s depiction correct? A woman who is underweight for her height… and by “smart”, what does that mean? Someone who knows who the President is, or perhaps someone with a degree from Harvard? And I can tell you, with the biggoted and sizist attitude you have now, you will most certainly be reduced to the former of the two, because any woman who is smart will know that women ( and men) come in ALL shapes and sizes, that weight problems have NOTHING to do with “discipline”, that the images in the media much like the one posted are just one of MILLIONS of examples of a society that refuses to include anything other than the supposed “right way to look”, and that to judge someone simply on their appearance is in fact ignorant, not smart at all.

      I feel sorry for you if you indeed think that your opinion was smart in anyway, that it warranted a societal high five, and even more sorry for you because the women you seem to want to attract are either non-existent, or too sick to be in a serious relationship…

      what an idiot….

  22. The purpose of this ad is accentuate curves on a girl who is clearly not curvy. The idea is just poorly, poorly executed. Men no offense but things in the media affect women differently because we process mentally. You have your way of dealing with body images, we have ours, its simply a matter of handling it in different ways. We are constantly being defined as too fat because we don’t look like the girls in the ads or in the movies who are already thin AND then AIRBRUSHED. Granted women, we also need to start fighting back and also start working on toughening ourselves because we need to understand that the media is like this and either do something about it or deal with it but complaining without rational, constructive ideas don’t help either.

  23. It is disgusting that we live in a society where any one person can find something that offends them anywhere they go. I work in retail and handle rude offensive customers everyday, but do I let it bother me or get under my skin? No. Life is too short and we have too much control over our own lives to let us be bothered by such things. If you take offense to being larger, lose weight. If you have tried and you can’t, my greatest sympathy goes out to you. I am blessed enough to be able to keep my weight where I like it. But if you can’t lose weight, then that’s who you are. Be happy with yourself.

    • James – I totally understand. I also work in retail and often keep many things that are offensive to myself. However, if you haven’t heard, we’re having a bit of a crisis in our society with body image and eating disorders and it’s little things like this that add up…

      • This is an advertisement for these pants, they are advertised as curvy, a completely ambiguous term. They picked this model for these pants because she looks great in them. How often do we see a 5’5″ 110lb person in Big and Tall? Never, because it wouldn’t look right for the design of the clothes. No one is really giving GAP benefit of the doubt on what they are trying to say or promote. I should also note that I find this discussion stimulating and informative, I hope I don’t come across as a bigot. I am merely putting my opinion out there and hoping to receive logical feedback from others. My last intention is to offend anyone.

          • Which is your right as a buyer. I just think that some people are missing their point, which is not their fault, but more of the fault of GAP. Also I do not work for GAP. Teddy puts it better than I do. Scroll down.

          • As an afterthought: There will always be someone skinnier, someone more attractive, someone who you think looks better than you. But you shouldn’t let that bother you. We should just accept it.

        • Actually,the point of name labeling with descriptive adjectives on different fits of clothing,pants/jeans in particular, is to project to the specific customer the clothing is being targeted for, through the advertisement. In this case ,” curvy”, is a misnomer as the targeted customer would have been a woman with more curves and that the point would seem to be that Gap is making a jean to fit that woman. Unfortunately the photography choice of model was oxymoronic. Take it on the chin, Gap representative and hopefully the company wont continue to promote anorexic role models or at the very least, will balance it out with a realistic pov.

    • I agree with your post James. I am a GAP customer & I know their jean labels, bootcut, flare, curvy etc. Curvy is simply the cut of that particular pair of jeans. I think someone who isn’t familiar with the GAP’s terms would make this mistake. I also agree that someone who lets this affect their self esteem has issues to begin with. Life is TOO short, be happy within yourself and if you don’t like something, change it.

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  25. Not all plus size women are curvy; curvy is a body type, not a weight or a size. Too many women think that just because they are bigger, they are automatically curvy.

    • I do agree with you James, I’m a chunky girl without the hips that would make me ‘Curvy’ however the ad does imply that the person has curves and the girl in the picture has none whatsoever; it’d be me if I lost 40lbs.

      • Yeah, I am just saying that ad may have missed it’s mark, but that is no reason for someone to be offended because they aren’t comfortable with themselves.

      • Coming from a rather slim girl, that girl could very well be “curvy”. Sure, her body is not representative of the average female but her hips could be wider than her bust (or they could even be equal in measurements with a small waist) and that would imply curves.

        This style of pants happens to look best on girls who are pear-shaped (small bust, wide hips). A 50 kg girl with a pear-shape will look better in curvy styled pants rather than skinny style.

        The point is, skinny girls have curves too but it so happens that the word curvy is now more of an adjective for larger girls.

  26. Not true nugget—- almost every women who walks past this will see a picture of a lean, photo-shopped, tall, size zero woman with the word ‘curvy'” and their first impression won’t be to think “the pants are curvy!!”. If you’re going to make pants that actually fit a woman, put a realistic woman in them to show off your hard design work.

    • btw – coming from a size 2, 115 pound girl who most people refer to as “tiny”, this photo makes me feel fat. Way to go Gap. Thanks for contributing to the daily dose of “you’re not good enough” that saturates our society. Max – thanks for posting this and protesting for the sake of all the women who walk by this and feel bad about themselves.

      • How is that GAP’s fault?

        Do men blame Hollywood for 6 packs, ridiculously successful men, charming men, unachievable levels of romance? No.

        A woman’s self esteem issues are a problem, yes. But I don’t think you can pin them on a company who’s sole purpose is to make money, and to a model who’s sole purpose is to be a human coathangar

        • H:

          I’ve met plenty of men with self esteem issues due to the perpetuation of what a man is “supposed” to be, both by Hollywood, the media, and advertisers.

          So yes. Some do.

          It’s not all GAP’s “fault”. Society consistently sets a standard of beauty and rewards people who fit it while eschewing those who don’t. Explore some of the research that shows how thinner people earn more money than heavier people, for example.

          Or try being an average size woman (now a size 14) and shopping at the GAP, and try not to feel like crap after the experience.

          To the point of the ad, there’s nothing curvy about the pants or the model.

    • Curvy is the name of the pants. It’s the cut. Period. When I’m shopping for jeans, I don’t walk by a poster for jeans and think “that guy has a boot-cut body.”

      What’s even more annoying about this is that Mr. Funny here intentionally left out the posters next to it that had similar pictures and were labeled things like “modern boot,” “true straight,” and “slim crop.” Stop looking for every excuse to be offended. It’s a pair of pants.

      • The pants aren’t curvy. The girl isn’t curvy. The ad is offensive, and if you disagree, fine, but it’s hard to argue with how many people “like” Max’s post and are sharing it because they get it.

        I don’t think Mr.Funny (whose full name and contact info are listed here, unlike yours) was doing an analysis of Gap merchandising, but instead noticed something off about this particular photo. Unless you work for The Gap, I’m not sure why you’re taking his criticism of this photo so personally.

        • “Boot cut” isn’t a body type, along with “true straight”, “modern boot”, and “slim crop”. But the “curvy” style happens to share a name with a body type- time to be offended!

          Clearly GAP is making a statement about what they think is a curvy body, as opposed to showing off a type of pants.

      • As a “curvy”, “plus sized”, “voluptuous”, or whatever you wanna call it woman, I agree with you Nugget. I think someone is a tad sensitive about this. It’s simply explaining the cut of the pants. Granted if this picture was all you saw, then yes, one might get offended. But if you saw a row of jeans with a picture above every cut, you SHOULD immediately recognize that it is talking about the cut, not the chick in the pants.

        I also agree that we as women should take some accountability for our own SELF-esteem. You can only be offended if you allow it. If you let society tell you that you aren’t good enough, you need to realize that YOU gave the ok. At the end of the day, society will make money whether you decide that you aren’t good enough or that you’re the hottest thing walking. It’s up to YOU to make that call.

        Lets all just calm down and get over it. Geez. I’ve seen REAL discriminatory ads and this ain’t one of them.

        *hopes off soap box and walks away*

          • Seriously, that’s all you had to say? LOL. I’m curvy AND plus sized, they don’t mean the same thing. You can be curvy and not be plus size and you can be plus size and not curvy. Geez…. smh

        • Rene… “hopes” off soap box? I hope you will one day get off your soap box and allow women and men to express their frustration over the unrealistic media images that we are faced with every day. However… you won’t get off that box by “hope-ing”. “hops off soap box” is actually how it is spelled. Hmmmm perhaps “curvy” isn’t the only word you have trouble with.

          • Again, it’s funny how you decide to tear apart ONE word and completely negate what I said. I am not blocking anyone to release their frustration, I only ask that you target the right images… not this one. And again, maybe you need to rethink curvy, because if you are under the delusion that “curvy” automatically makes you plus sized, then me misusing a word pales in comparison to the issues YOU have. Thanks for pointing a simple typo out tho. BTW, spell my name right next time.

      • Those pants and that ad was intended to sell pants to larger women, women with curves, thus the names ‘curvy’. They were designed for a body that has curves. Yet THIS is the model they use. How is a size 16 girl supposed to know how those pants actually look when placed on a size 0 model? I am shocked you are lost to this blatant false-advertisment.

          • It’s true, the Curvy jeans are just a style that fits a greater waist-to-hip ratio. They carry them in the same range as their normal jeans, not a higher range. I love these jeans. I have a 0.75 waist-to-hip ratio and it’s hard to find pants that fit both my hips and waist. I don’t think this is offensive. I’ve always hated looking for clothes to fit my curvy (as in curvy, not plus-sized) body and being only offered plus-sized clothing using the term. WE’RE TAKING BACK THE WORD CURVY!

    • The girl was slightly curvy. Look at her ass on the right side and how broad her shoulders are. Maybe its not curvy but just big boned or something.

      • She does not have an ass. She has a hip that must be pushed out to LOOK like she has an ass. If I stood in the same pose (and I am skinny, but not that skinny), the “curvy” pants would actually show some curves, rather than terrifying angles.

    • Yes… we understand that. However, they also should be for women WITH curves. The woman in this pic does not have curves, even for her shape. Also, the waist of the jeans is clearly a large size compared to its hips… which is NOT a curvy cut. If you know fashion and proper cuts in fashion, you know this.

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