COMEDY PODCAST: My Bat Mitzvah Gig, or The Hardest Show Of 2011

Podberg LIVE!

Podberg – Episode 4: Max’s Hardest Gig of 2011 by maxgoldberg

The clip above is from my comedy podcast, Podberg. It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this trustworthy blog you’re currently reading (here since 2004!), so I figured I’d give you guy’s something chewy. The Soundcloud clip above is a mere eight minutes that comprises all of Episode 4.

This clip you’ll hear is a recording from The Spot Cafe in Culver City, a favorite comedy haunt of mine (and one of the rare ones not too far from my apartment). To be clear here, by, ‘favorite’, I don’t mean, ‘it’s a good place to see comedy,’ because it’s not. It’s a work out room for not-totally-shitty comedians, and represents a wide cross-section of what LA’s open mic scene has to offer. If you’re reading this and you’re an open-miker in Los Angeles, it’s basically a more civil Brewco. But, if you’re a comedy fan, spend some money at a proper comedy venue instead, everyone involved will be happier for it.

I’ve been recording live performances more in the last few months. That’s because a) I’ve actually been performing again after a big slump upon returning home from the road this fall, and b) I picked up a sick little toy to help me harvest some sweet audio content:

Comedy podcast machine, anyone?

Behold, the Zoom H4n. (geekery ahead, you’re warned) It’s a four channel audio interface with two built-in high resolution studio condensor mics and a sick preamp. It’s the kind of audio recording that sounds like This American Life when you listen to it in good speakers. Naturally, it’s spawned more epsiodes of the podcast, and more recordings my live shows around town. And in this case, both. If you need a perfect all-in-one mobile recording solution, this is your answer.

Anyway, it’s not like they’re paying me, so I’ll shut up about them for now.

Give the episode a listen, it’s a pretty embarrassing story. Some very nice fans of mine wanted me to do comedy during the ceremony of their Jewish daughter becoming a woman, which is the perfect time for my brand of Jew jokes. Well, no, it’s not, and you’ll learn more about it in the recording (just hit play now).

Anyway, mazel tov, Sophie.


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