Is Mr. Show coming back?

Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross

I caught this on Laughspin. If you don’t know who Paul F. Thompkins is, let me say he’s almost certainly the best-dressed stand-up comedy act you’ve ever seen. You won’t know that from this tweet below, however — but if you’re a comedy fan you’ll notice the cast of Mr. Show behind him in the […]

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5 Email Newsletters I Won’t Ever Unsubscribe From

Gmail Inbox, Empty!

Do you even remember what it’s like to have an empty email inbox? I do. It’s a reality I try to live every single day. I treat my email inbox like a contact sport, with every unread message elevated in my mind to the status of a fire directly under my ass that can only be […]

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Stand Up Comedy Memes: Volume 1

Stand Up Comedy Meme Shots by Max Goldberg

Ah, stand-up comedy. I can even exist as pictures. You all know I do stand-up comedy, but

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