I just bought a new paper shredder.

I know this is geeky. I know. But I’m so giddy about this paper shredder I just ordered on Amazon: I’m going to name him Jimmy Page, because he can really shred. This is my first office tech upgrade of 2015. I’m a shredder nerd for sure — I’ve literally got more than one kind of shredder […]

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Arrested? You have the right to Google for a lawyer (if you’re Canadian).

Google Handcuffs

I just learned this on a random clickbinge while reading other tech articles: Suppose you were a Canadian citizen and you just got arrested in Canada for something, I don’t know, stealing a hockey puck without apologizing, something like that. We Americans already know that we have the right to a phone call, but did you know that you […]

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How to Automate your WordPress Blog using Buffer and If This Then That in 3 Steps

A lot of people with blogs complain about how frustrating it can be managing the promotion of their content across all of their social media platforms. These people usually either promote their blog posts by manually creating several individual messages on each social platform, or they’re a bit more efficient and use a platform like Hootsuite […]

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