Dear Hippies: Stop Talking About Mercury In Retrograde


In the last year, I’ve both 1) started regularly using a telescope and 2) forgot how many hippies I’m friends with on Facebook. I sit here chuckling to myself at all of these posts about “Mercury going into retrograde”, a non-event that has no effect on your life at all, regardless of what your favorite […]

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My favorite TED talk of 2015 | “Why We Laugh” | Sophie Scott

Why We Laugh | Sophie Scott | TED Talk

My favorite TED​ talk this year. It’s titled “Why We Laugh” by Sophie Scott. “You do not hit peak performance until you’re in your late 30s and early 40s. You don’t understand laughter by the time you hit puberty. You don’t understand laughter by the time your brain fully matures. You’re learning about laughter throughout […]

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ANOTHER QUAKE: How to help earthquake victims in Nepal


A 7.2 aftershock from last week’s 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal again today. If you want to help, you can donate to Oxfam, they are a reputable aid organization with an existing presence in Nepal. Here are others: Reputable NGOs with strong disaster relief capacity that have long been in Nepal: @Oxfam @WorldVision @SamaritansPurse @CARE @SC_Nepal — Laura […]

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